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An Explanation of Today's Poll

On Thursday night a friend gave me two tickets to Friday night's Dodger game - Gregg Maddux Vs. David Wells, Dugout Club. No baseball fan could turn it down.

So me and Missus Halofan get to the underground buffet early (it is all free except for alcohol) and start chowing down, me with the cellphone web-connection tracking the Angels/Texas game (Dodger Stadium's plasma screens throughout the homeplate club uniformly devoted to Lasordian propaganda narrated by Geoff Witcher).

Sitting in the booth next to us? Steve Perry of Journey. Walking by with a politician's smile: Steve Garvey. They were three feet apart, with your humble Rev in the middle - Steve and Steve, the two dorkiest representatives of sinister vanilla culture, circa 1981. Hence THIS POLL.

After seeing Freddy Garcia's 1-hitter this past Wednesday, I was treated to a 2-hitter by the Dodger pitching staff and the other L.A. team beat San Diego 3-1.

And as far as the feedbag goes, 5 and a half hours after supper and I am still contentedly stuffed.