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Halosphere In Fantasy Action

Well, the big news out of the HALOSPHERE Fantasy Baseball League is the dramatic upset of the 2nd seeded Galt-Roark Team by THE MIGHTY REVERENDS.

Read all about it here! ! ! !

I let my heart get in the way of my head and benched Tadahito Iguchi in favor of Howie Kendrick, and Nate Robertson in favor of Ervin Santana - and both decisions almost cost the team, but we waltzed into the two week finals against the dreaded (and heavily favored) Madison Mallards. But your Rev will not disappoint, having now sensibly benched Kendrick and Magic, as well as Konerko in favor of Giambi.

Perhas my 6th-seeded march toward victory can inspire the Angels. Hell, if it motivated the Indians tonight it would be something!

A special shoutout to cupie who suggested benching Nomar in favor of Magglio Ordonez - the only advice i have sought from the outside all season!