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Offday Halosphere Thread

The Angels are hanging by a thread.

Some have already said goodnight.

Plenty are looking into the future of the team.

And yet, we are STILL BREATHING, still hanging by that thread.

While it is never too early to discuss dumping Steve Physioc, the Halosphere seems to be less on the edge of its seat than it is patiently awaiting a little more momentum before we all break out the monkeys-n-thundersticks.

But maybe today's offday would be a good time to rummage through the attic for the monkey you took that 2002 postseason game, for that set of sticks you got walking into the stadium and never inflated.

You might need them as the guys climb up this thread.

Update: Add to this an awesome and extensive interview with Angels PR Guru Tim Mead, where he outs his son's college GPA among other juicy tidbits.