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We Win Oakland Popularity Contest!

Gotta brag about the Athletics Fans so obsessed with this blog, they are writing more about me and you than they are about Kotsay or Kielty:

A troll from Oakland calls me a knuckle-dragging, foul-mouthed loser (do I look like Chad Bradford?).

Then a bunch of them argue over whether or not I am classy (I am).

One guy writes about my inability to rationalize, which is something A's fans usually do this time of year. The responses here break out most of the stereotypes of Angels fans that Halos Heaven fights to eradicate.

Then one guy raves about what a great fan I am and gets scolded for discussing me, leading to 21 comments about Halos Heaven and Angels fans - the favorite subject of everyone in Oakland.

Then a brilliant (must be a Canadian), if twisted, Oakland fan has an idea - pose as an Angel fan to continue discussing the Angels and Halos Heaven from the platform of knife-twisting hate.

Guess they just can't get over us dancing on their mound two seasons in a row.