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Children of the Sixties

On April 9, 1981, Tom Brunansky made his Angel debut. He was the first Angel born in the 1960s (8-20-60). Two days later Mike Witt (7-20-60) followed.

Who was the last Angel born in the '60s?

While it is not inconceivable that the Angels might acquire a player in his late-30s, with the retirement of Tim Salmon (8-24-68), the only player on the 40-Man roster who qualifies is Hector Carrasco (10-22-69), with the sliver of hope to perennial AAAA outfielder Curtis Pride (12-17-68), likely to be back on the SLC-SoCal express this season.

Of course, Tim Salmon was born one day after Julio Franco turned 10, so it is not like our franchise is chasing some sort of record in this regard...