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Casey Great, Dallas Bad, Yocum to see Kendry

The L.A. Tribune Times has a detailed article on Casey Kotchman, Dallas McPherson and Kendry Morales.

Casey Kotchman:
Dude is Post-Mono. Maybe we call him Duo.
He played fine in Puerto Rico - in one stretch with rainouts he played every inning of 13 games in 9 days.
He is ready for Spring Training and the 2007 season.

Dallas McPherson:
His back exercises have not stopped a new pain from appearing and he will likely need surgery.
He could be pulling a Juan Rivera Redux - out maybe six weeks after surgery, or maybe a year!

Kendry Morales:
He isn't up shit creek like D-Mac, but his knee still hurts, he has not played since January 9 and that can only mean:
IT IS Yocum-Time!
We will know more after his MRI and exam with Angels team doctor Lewis Yocum here in So-Cal on Monday.