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Pre-Spring Angels 25-Man Roster Depth Analysis

Angels Depth Chart
Based on the most likely 25-Man Roster and apparent injury considerations
= = = =
Vladimir Guerrero, Gary Matthews Jr., Garret Anderson
and ONE of the Following:
Juan Rivera, Tommy Murphy, Reggie Willits
= = = = =
1B: Casey Kotchman, Robb Quinlan
2B: Howie Kendrick, Maicer Izturis
3B: Shea Hillenbrand, Chone Figgins
SS: Orlando Cabrera, Erick Aybar
C: Jose Molina, Mike Napoli
= = = = =
John Lackey, Kelvim Escobar, Jered Weaver, Ervin Santana
and ONE of the Following:
Bartolo Colon, Joe Saunders
= = = = =
Francisco Rodriguez, Scot Shields, Justin Speier, Hector Carrasco, Darren Oliver
and ONE of the following:
Chris Resop, Phil Seibel, Jose Arredondo, Greg Jones
= = = = =
Rest of the 40-Man Roster:
Pitchers: Dustin Moseley, Steven Shell
Infielders: Matt Brown, Jeff Mathis, Dallas McPherson, Kendry Morales, Bobby Wilson
Outfielders: Terry Evans, Nick Gorneault,
= = = = =
Could Get a Taste of "The Show" in 2007:
Pitchers: Chris Bootcheck, Matt Hensley, Jonathon Rouwenhorst
Infielders: Sean Rodriguez, Brandon Wood
Outfielders: Curtis Pride
= = = =
Some Thoughts:
Vlad Guerrero is going to need a lot of rest.
A lot of time at DH will bode well for his health.
A lot of time in the field will weaken him...
(remember that I wrote this when Scioscia plays him three months solid in RF and he is batting .280 with 9 HRs).
If Vlad is to be productive for the Angels this season and the next two, he should DH twice a week at the least, if not full-time.
May I suggest starting Figgins in RF until Juan Rivera returns.
If Hillenbrand has not done anything at 3B by the time Rivera returns, Figgins could switch to the hot corner, Juan could play RF and Shea can ride the pine.
If I manage the Angels, Vlad is the everyday DH.
In this scenario, if, when Rivera returns, Hillenbrand has been productive, Figgins will inevitably be needed to spell someone else in the field.

Our most expendable, tradable player is Orlando Cabrera.
His salary is not (after this offseason) radically out of line with what players of his caliber are making and he is not just a one-year rental.
I would hope he could be moved in Spring Training, if even for prospects as we have ample replacements for him right here, right now.

If Dallas McPherson is placed on the 60-day Disabled List, who would take his slot on the 40-Man Roster?
Impulsively I say Curtis Pride.