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Halosphere Smackdown

At the fabulous Baseball Primer site, four (count 'em four) Angel bloggers performed an admirable smackdown on a smug poster who pretended to have predicted the demise of Dallas McPherson and pronounced the Angels farm system as weak. Here is THE LINK to an unforgiving exercise in not backing down from a classic all-talk, no-backup, shitty logic internet poster.

The prick in question is poster pkb33 and his comments in post #4.
The cast of characters who put this sucker in his place are:

(aka L.A. Seitz of Chicago)

LA Waterloo of BH, Registered Hollywood Contrarian
better known as the Black Hawk Waterloo from the Chronicles of the Lads blog

the infamous monicker of Rob from the legendary 6-4-2 Blog

yours truly, minus my ill-gotten "Reverend" title.

That is four Angel bloggers in action on one thread - it is a serious tag-team slapdown extravaganza! UPDATE ! ! ! Some serious backup arrives in post #160 with Matt Welch joining the fray! Next week we join powers to take on the Sith!