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Around the Halosphere

The Chronicler is resigned to Shea Hillenbrand as a mediocre offensive sub for Rivera.

L.A. Seitz was less diplomatic.

Rob at 6-4-2 spent the holidays in Arkansas and took pictures of the Angels AA affiliate's new stadium.

Bjoern from Bonn shows that while a platoon of Quinlan and McPherson might perform better than Hillenbrand, Stoneman did play the Rookie Card last season and seems to be insistent on getting known quantities into the lineup in 2007.

Chone "All The Way" Smith makes predictions for 2007 for two Angel players, Good-Casey and Bad-Casey. Let's hope Bad-Casey heads down Katella to that other park...

Stephen Smith makes the case for Bill Stoneman as the greatest General Manager in Angels History - pretty easy to qualify for that when there are two Bavasis in the mix.

Halo Humor reveals Darin Erstad's winter workout.

Blogger Richard Nickerson has renamed the Angels franchise after examining the offseason moves (warning: Hilarious Headline)

...and finally, Watching All Angels has two shots of the Rose parade: Stormtroopers and a glimpse of the "Big A" from the City of Anaheim's parade float.