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Franchise Leaderboard - Offense

The 2007 Club in Angels History
2007 Individual OFFENSIVE Performances that rank in the club's Single-Season All-Time Top Ten

Batting Average
Chone Figgins tied w/ Tim Salmon's 1995 campaign at .330 for 7th place all time

Slugging %
Vladimir Guerrero at .547 is .001 behind Doug DeCinces' 1982 campaign, good for 9th place all time

OPS - OnBase % + Slugging
Vladimir Guerrero tied w/ Darin Erstad's 2000 season .950 for 7th place all time

At Bats
Orlando Cabrera tied w/ Garret Anderson's 2002 and 2003 seasons with 638 AB, 10th place all-time.

Orlando Cabrera had 192 hits; good for 8th place all time.

Vladimir Guerrero hit 45 to tie Orlando Cabrera's 2006 mark for 3rd all time.

Vladimir Guerrero with 125 ranks 4th all-time

Orlando Cabrera tied w/ Sandy Alomar's 1971 seasons with 148 singles, 3rd place all-time.

Adjusted OPS+
(This stat adjusts for the league performance and park factors and uses 100 as the baseline of a league average player)
Vladimir Guerrero's 154 OPS+ ranks 7th all-time.

Runs Created
Vlad ties himself (in 2006) at 8th all-time with 123.

Extra Base Hits
With 73, Vlad had one more than Don Baylor's MVP 1979 season, ranking 8th all-time.

Times on Base
Vlad ties Brian Downing's 1982 campaign and his own 2004 MVP campaign with 266 Times on Base, this three-way tie ranks 9th all-time.

Sacrifice Flies
Orlando Cabrera had 11, tied with 3 other season-highs for 7th place all-time.

Intentional Walks
In 2007, Vlad broke his own Angel single season record for IBB with 28, 1st place all time.