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Offseason Project

In the 2005-06 offseason, Halos Heaven compiled our Top 100 Angels list. In 2006-07 we presented the all-time Angels jersey numeral factotum.

This offseason we are going in depth with a rundown of every Angels player debut - IN ORDER - from 1961 thru 2007. That's Eddie Yost to Rich Thompson. We will go season-by-season every few days between now and the first pitch of the 2008 season.

Look, it is this or the millionth A-Rod thread, so enjoy the variety and learn a little franchise history (or in the case of angelsrallymom and beachbum willy, re-live the memories).

Of course, breaking news and Angel lore are always posted here at Halos Heaven and you can join in with a diary entry discussing the Angels baseball topics that are on your mind.