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Bill Stoneman Redux

By now, everyone has posted their Bill Stoneman analyses, here is a semi-complete roundup:

SportsHub L.A. points out how the farm system is our strength in an era where revenue sharing allows mid-market teams to hold on to their potential free agents.

Over at Larry Brown Sports, Larry insists we raise a pint glass in Bill's honor.

The Chronicler lets the facts speak for themselves.

The Further Angels guy predicts Ken Forsch will replace Bill Stoneman.

The Heavenly Thoughts blog has a cool pic of Bill's Expos playing card and a deep analysis.

Deep in offseason mode, Shredder has discussions of Interpol, Spoon and the New Pornographers

And Matt Welch is too busy promoting his new book about John McCain, and can you blame him? RSVP for his party afore it is too late...