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Franchise Leaderboard - Pitching

The 2007 Club in Angels History
2007 Individual PITCHING Performances that rank in the club's Single-Season All-Time Top Ten

John Lackey had 19 Wins, tied for 8th all-time with Langston, Tanana and Ryan twice.

W-L %
Kelvim Escobar had a .720 Winning Percentage, good for 5th all-time.

(Walks per 9 Innings Pitched)
John Lackey's 2.09 rate ranks 10th all-time

Scot Shields appeared in 71 games, good for 4th all-time. That he holds 1st and 2nd place on the franchise single season rankings tells us a little as to why he has apparently run out of gas...

Frankie's 40 ties Percy for 5th all time. Percy had 40 in 2002. Nice "ring" to it, eh?

(Strikeouts to Walks Ratio)
John Lackey with 3.44 Strikeouts for every walk issued in 2007 ranks 5th all time.

Games Finished
Frankie finished 56 games in 2007, 6th all-time.

Adjusted ERA+
(This stat adjusts for the league performance and park factors and uses 100 as the baseline of a league average player)
John Lackey, 144, 8th all-time. Dean Chance's 1964 Cy Young season is #1 at 200. Bartolo Colon's Cy Young 2005 season rated 120, 39th all time!