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No Bart, No Gary

Word out of Bahstin is that the Angels are leaving Bartolo Colon and Gary Matthews, Jr. off the ALDS roster.

L I N K -to- S T O R Y

Bart's elbow is sore and Gary's patellar tendinitis near his knee is still present.

SP – Lackey
SP – Escobar
SP – Weaver

1B – Kotchman
2B – Kendrick
3B – Izturis
SS – Cabrera
LF – Anderson
CF – Willits
RF – Figgins
C – Napoli
DH – Guerrero

Closer – Rodriguez
Setup – Speier
Setup – Shields
Lefty1 – Oliver
Long Lefty – Saunders
Mop1 – Moseley
Mop2 – Santana

C - Jeff Mathis
1B - Kendry Morales
OF - Juan Rivera
OF/PR - Nathan Haynes
IF/PH - Robb Quinlan
IF - Erick Aybar

Unlike previous years, an injury during a series is cause for changing the roster.