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The Play at the Plate

Everyone is talking about the play at the plate. Catcher Michael Barrett blocked the plate perfectly, leaving Matt Holliday absolutely nowhere to cleanly touch.

But Holliday may have pulled off the biggest "DEKE" (decoy) since the 2005 ALCS when A.J. Pierszynski convinced umpire Doug Eddings that Josh Paul had obviously not cleanly caught strike three. AJ convinced Eddings by earnestly running to First Base.

Monday night, Matt Holliday convinced the home plate umpire that the tag was successful simply by NOT making any gesture back toward the plate. Whereas AJ "moved" in order to sell the play, Holliday stayed still and got the call. To flinch back toward home plate would have ben to admit missing the plate. To stay still sold the tagging effort as a successful one.