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Free Agents Younger Than Vladimir Guerrero

Lets get real, we have a good young core, so forget the senior citizen brigade and let's only consider free agents who are younger than Vlad...

^^ - club option for '08

C: Michael Barrett, Yorvit Torrealba
PASS: Naps/Mathis are at League Minimum $$ and getting better

1B: Adam Dunn^^
PASS: Kotchman is at League Minimum $$ and getting better

2B: Luis Castillo, Marcus Giles, Kaz Matsui
PASS: Kendrick is at League Minimum $$ and getting better

SS: Cesar Izturis^^, Tomohiro Nioka, Juan Uribe^^
PASS: Orlando Cabrera is as good as them, and is Vlad's best friend.

3B: Alex Rodriguez
We will be talking about this a lot over the next few months, pull up a chair...
NOTE: Mike Lowell is TWO years older than Vlad.

OF: Milton Bradley, Adam Dunn^^, Kosuke Fukudome, Jose Guillen^^, Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones, Corey Patterson, Aaron Rowand, Brad Wilkerson
GLUT: Anderson/Matthews/Rivera/Figgins/Vlad/Willits - Four of these would have to get get squeezed...

SP: Tony Armas^^, Shawn Chacon, Josh Fogg, Casey Fossum, Freddy Garcia, Jason Jennings, Joe Kennedy, Byung-Hyun Kim, Brian Lawrence, Kyle Lohse, Rodrigo Lopez, Eric Milton, Tomo Ohka, Odalis Perez^^, Carlos Silva, Jeff Weaver, Kip Wells, Randy Wolf^^, Jaret Wright
Lopez and Silva seem tempting...

RP: Jeremy Affeldt, Octavio Dotel^^, Eric Gagne, Jorge Julio, Joe Kennedy, Scott Linebrink, David Riske^^, Luis Vizcaino, Kerry Wood
PASS: Even Bootcheck here wins by a mile. But the only free agent older than Vlad to be signed is a reliever: Troy Percival