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Los Angeles Angels ALDS Game 2 Drinking Game

Take a Drink whenever an announcer:

Discusses the funny spelling/etymology/in-depth detail of Chone Figgins' first and middle names.

Mentions Orlando Cabrera played for the 2004 Sox

Refers to Vladimir Guerrero as a "Free Swinger"

Discusses Garret Anderson's pink eye

Mentions "Gold Glove" in the same sentence as "Kotchman"

Discusses Kendry Morales' expatriot story

Mentions "Winter Ball" in the same sentence as "Rivera"

Take TWO Drinks any time an announcer mentions any one of the following:
Jose Molina, Shea Hillenbrand, Hector Carrasco.

Good luck playing, Tivo the game, you will be sauced by the 4th inning...