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Angels Game Thread - Win or Stay Home

Just As Evil Empire VS. Angels - NOON
Curt Schilling @ Jered WEAVER

The hopeful fan in me wants an Angels win today.

The cynical asshole in me wants Jered Weaver to plant a 98 MPH fastball into the wrist of David Ortiz, forever ruining the guiding force behind Big Papi's monstrous swing. Then, with Weaver tossed, I envision Ervin Santana entering the game simply to plant a fastball into the bone of Many Ramirez' elbow, permanently shattering the connection that allows the future Hall of Famer's torso's animal strength to be transferred to his quick forearms when attempting to drive a ball deep.

So which would be more satisfying? Hmmm...

Okay, okay, okay, Go Angels, sure, just win!