The Boys Sure Know How to Drown Their Sorrows

At the suggestion of a friend last night, we ended an evening of bar hopping at the Goat Hill Tavern on Newport Boulevard, where a couple of Angels are rumored to hang out. We figured they probably wouldn't be there, considering that this is the end of the season and they just lost, but what the heck.

You sure wouldn't know they lost from the looks of things.

I saw Jered Weaver first, prominently sticking out above a gaggle of women surrounding him. He was the only one I managed to talk to--I asked him if I could buy him a drink and he very politely declined (turned out they were probably all getting free drinks, considering how Robb and Lackey kept pouring for themselves...). I told him good effort (it was!) and he thanked me, saying something along the lines of "their offense was just overpowering." I told Jered good luck next year and he thanked me. One of my friends (a Giants fan who felt very tempted to jump over the bar and pound Lackey) later wished Weaver belated happy birthday, to which he received a somewhat glum "thanks."

I didn't talk to anyone else, but here's who else I saw:

--John Lackey, looking surprisingly clean shaven and together, staying mostly behind the bar and chatting it up with Napoli and Quinlan. I kind of wanted to go up and ask him if he ever got really tired of Phyzzard constantly referring to him as "Big John Lackey out of Abilene, Texas," but didn't get the chance.

--Side Salad, dancing with a (male) bar-tender (kind of--I think they were a bit inebriated) a second.

--Robb Quinlan pouring himself more than a few drinks.

--Dustin Moseley, just kind of standing in the crowd and later playing pool (I think).

--Jeff Mathis, making up for Friday's moment of infamy by catching something else...I could barely see him over the hot woman on his lap. Interesting to note that he wears his hair combed straight down over his face.

--Cousin Oliver, good-naturedly dealing with being mobbed by various drunk male fans (myself not included).

Who I didn't see:

--International players. Wouldn't be surprised if they caught the first plane out of town after the debacle.

--Justin Speier. Again, really no surprise there.

--Sawx. I wanted to punch Manny in the face for his showboating (ok, not really). There was a Baaahhhstiiin fan there proudly wearing his hat, but apparently he didn't get much grief from the guys--I think he said he even got into a conversation with a few of them without much ramification.

So that's that! I'd never seen any Angel players "live" outside of the stadium, so this was a really cool experience.

Any vet-ruhn HHer's know if the boys tend to hang around these places much in the offseason?

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