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Angels South Park Contest

I have changed the ban on images in user comments. To celebrate your new freedom of speech (and its responsible use), we are hosting an Angels South Park character lookalike contest.

Here is the LINK to the CHARACTER CREATION Site and here are your instructions:

1. Make the coolest Angels South Park Character you can.

2. Post it here as an IMG tag in the COMMENTS after you have saved the image somewhere on your web.

3. This is not a time and place to ask for HTML tips and coaching - this is what teenage nephews and neices are for.

4. You get to vote for one great Angels South Park Character - simpy Reply PANTHER as your vote to the image in the comment in this thread that you like the best.

5. Wait a few days until everyone has loaded their Angels South Park character as you only get one vote.

6. Winner gets a PANTHER shirt if Cupie has any left.

I recommend strongly aginst using a red background as it wears out the eyes. Otherwise, the aesthetic and conceptual choices are all yours...