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MDT - Most Despicable Team

Blez over at Athletics Nation got this whole thing off with his Most Despicable Team column.

Position by position, can you name your MDT... Most Despicable Team? Here is mine:

A.J. Pierszynski - Still an easy call.

First Base
Lyle Overbay - This is more because of a lousy Fantasy Baseball decision of mine a few seasons ago, but resentments are resentments.

Second Base
Jeff Kent - C'mon, seriously, do you know anyone who likes this guy? Ever seen anyone wearing a Kent jersey?

Third Base
Eric Chavez - A Stone Cold Loser

Derek Jeter - Hillary Clinton could take notes from this self-obsessed spin doctor who specializes in charismatically attracting apologists and shifting any blame that should get too near.

Left Field
Milton Bradley - Shaddup.

Center Field
Jim Edmonds - The Angels missed out on the playoffs in 1998 because of Jimmie Showboat. Kiss My Ass, Diamond Bar.

Right Field
Jose Guillen - A pig, or as my cleaning lady would say "¡COCINO!"

Designated Hitter
David Ortiz - Take the armor off, take the juice out and you have a gap-toothed Double-A strikeout king.

Vicente Padilla - His utter gutlessness separates him from the pack.

Ozzie Guillen - Would it not be awesome to deny him liquor for a week and then watch him pathetically hunched-over in the dugout tortured by the shakes, sweats and delerium tremens that a far-gone alcoholic like him suffers through during a dry spell? Imagine the post-game press conference comments!

Now Name Yours in the COMMENTS Section!