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Angels Sign Torri Hunter: The Facts

Fact 1: Acuda broke the story on Halos Heaven

Fact 2: 5 years, $16 million per season average (LA Times has it at $16, USA Today has it at $18). That surpasses the alleged "Vlad-Threshold"...

Fact 3: Time to count on Rivera and Figgins and Willits being goners.

Fact 4: Don't look for G.A. to have his 2009 option renewed by the club.

Fact 5: Tony Reagins is not a sabermetrician.

Fact 6: Torii Hunter is 9 days older than Alex Rodriguez.

Fact 7: The infield of Naps/Mathis/Kotch/Kendry/Howie/Aybar/Izzy/Wood is all league minimum and none of them is arbitration eligible until after the 2009 season.

Fact 8: With a billionaire owner, the dollar at historic lows and inflation stirring, look for this as a sign of a bumpy economy and/or Arte having bet on the Euro recently...