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Winter Meetings Ahead, Angels Hardly Pausing

According to published reports, the Marlins would likely take Nick Adenhardt, Ervin Santana, Brandon Wood and Howie Kendrick for Miguel Cabrera.

What Bill Stoneman was obviously good at doing was overvaluing our chits and devaluing their chits. Has Tony Reagins learned from the master?

Swap out Kendrick and Wood and substitute Kendry Morales and Reggie Willits. A drop off to be sure, but immeasurable upside close to what one can expect Howie Kendrick to deliver. Okay, now put Kendrick back in but take out Adenhardt and put in Chris Bootcheck. Still good? Wait then, if you like Kendrick, maybe Erick Aybar could have what you are looking for defensively and forget about Bootcheck, he is a Boras client, how about Dustin Moselely? Because we might want Dan Uggla in this and if you want to keep Dan, hey, we want to keep Howie.

This is the type of back and forth that is going on - and it is going on with the Dodgers, Giants and White Sox as well. With the Winter Meetings approaching, it is going on with warnings that things need to be done by then or threats that better offers may be awaiting out there.

If you think about it enough, consider what these guys go through, the risks, the reward potential, it is enough to make you buy stock in Pepto Bismol and/or Jim Beam.