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Sportswriter Bill Conlin Praises Hitler in Attack on Bloggers

If you have any interest in the uneasy divide between Mainstream print news reporters and bloggers, you may find this Fort Sumter-like volley by Philadephia Daily News sportwriter Bill Conlin interesting, if not downright shocking.

In attacking bloggers, Conlin goes all fanboy messageboard in an email retort to an internet sportsblogger, invoking a pleasurable presumption on how Adolf Hitler might have treated bloggers. Basically you just have to read the blow-by-blow to believe it, and it is still pretty unbelievable.

Print media is like the Titanic and its overpaid blowhard writers are hanging over the deck lecturing icebergs on the threat of global warming.

YES OR NO: Bill Conlin's retirement/termination will have been announced by Decmber 31?