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1986 California Angels Replay

The Sporting News has invited me to participate in the online Strat-O-Matic replaying of the 1986 season, managing the 1986 California Angels of course. The other teams are managed by some big names in sports and sport analysis:
The 1986 Red Sox are managed by Curt Schilling
The Phillies by Doug Glanville (no interleague)
The Mets by Baba Boooey of the Howard Stern Show (my goal is for my Angels to meet the Mets in the World Series and get on Howard's show)
The Tigers are helmed by Sean Forman and many SB Nation bloggers are taking part in this big chance to relive history with their teams.

Following the 1986 schedule, our first game is Tuesday in the Kingdome against the Mariners. My biggest crisis as a manager has been to bench Reggie Jackson against Left Handers in favor of Rookie Devon White's glove and speed. I almost benched Reggie to pinch-hitterville altogether as Rupert Jones sizes up well with Mister October. My other big experiment is Platooning DHs - Jack Howell against Righties, George Hendrick V. Lefties.

The bullpen is a work in progress and I know well enough not to tire out Donnie Moore, but with a solid rotation, we can stay a few games ahead of the Rangers and pray that Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing holds onto Dave Henderson instead of trading him midseason.

Please feel free to pipe in with any suggestions, strategies and advice, let's make this a team effort!