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Rob Wilfong to the Spotlight!

As you may have read here, I was hired to manage the California Angels for the Sporting News Strat-O-Matic replay of he 1986 season. Alongside coaches such as Curt Schilling ('86 Red Sox), Sean Forman ('86 Tigers), Howard Stern's producer Baba Booey ('86 Mets) and others, I make out the lineup card, choose an overarching managerial strategy and let the computer simulate the 1986 season, game by game.

Well, my '86 California Angels are 15-8 and in first place in the AL West by 3 games. Today John Candelaria threw a masterpiece in Milwaukee and credited catcher Derrel Miller calling the game behind the plate (I have benched Bob Boone for a couple of games to get him to think about hitting again). Sadly, Bobby Grich suffered a nasty injury in today's game and I will have to rely on Rob Wilfong for at least 15 games until the depth of Grich's full injury can be know. I really regret trading Rick Burleson to San Diego for Goose Gossage now. Damn.