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Moving Forward

It wasn't as awful a day for baseball as it was for certain baseball players.

The hearsay assassination of Roger Clemens was as well-timed as a Lee Harvey Oswald shot to a moving target.

Dodger Blue icons LoDuca and Gagne dwarf any of the players associated with the Angels.

The lack of Red Sox on the list taints the credibility of George Mitchell and his report.

The paucity of Latino players named simply indicates that they have a different source.

What would bug you more:
If your lawyer cheated on the State bar exam or your doctor cheated on his medical school finals?

This is a bar-exam cheat - it affects the pocketbook, but not the health of the sport itself.

The lack of NFL culpability to the level of MLB MUST BE ADDRESSED at some point.

The media got its red meat to chew on, some prime fresh sacrificial lamb.

The politicians got what they wanted - the cackling plebes clamoring for them to do something.

The baseball fans, meanwhile, still have 107 days to get what they want: Opening Day.