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Washington Nationals New Park Ticket Prices

Hey, Arte Moreno just raised my ticket price - I am in one of the first six rows of the Right Field section closest to Centerfield at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. My seats now cost $13 per seat per game.

But that is chump change - check out the very same seats at the Washington Nationals' new park - $25 per seat for a full season ticket package - and more for partial season packages.

(the view at the above animated link is eerie in its similarity to how things appear from my long-time perch at Angels stadium)

And that is for a lousy team with no prayer of contention in the lesser of two leagues and you cannot even scalp away Red Sox and Yankee tickets to take the sting out of the sticker shock.

Yet another reason why it is a good time to be an Angel fan after years and years of suffering. The joys of redemption...