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Poker Thread

Since there is just no damn baseball news, let me tell you a little story of what happened at the Commerce Casino on Tuesday night.

I am four to the flush with K-10 Diamonds, but one of the diamonds out there is a Jack paired with a Jack. So I push hard and only one guy calls. I catch my diamond and win.

The dude goes ballistic. This is a shaved-head tan beach dick with frattitude, and he starts lecturing me about poker and calling me a donkey - and it isn't cocky or even bullying, it is total aggro.

So the table rises to my defense. Now, this is the $40 table - I can see getting perturbed at chasers on the $500 table, but the 40 table exists specifically for action, not chessplaying raises (that is what limit games are for, anyway). The guy lost maybe 25 bucks. But he is talking smack about me being an amateur and then he calls the one girl at the table a bitch. Well, Homeboy the Boyfriend tells him to shut up and Mister Aggro walks away.

He comes back a little while later and I am up even more. A half hour passes and he pushes hard pre-flop, goes all in with his final $16, I call with A-10 suited. The board is JJQQ4. He had pocket 10s, but my Ace played. The whole table laughs at him as he gets up, of course he is pissing and moaning mumbling something about amateurs.

Oh, and he put on his Boston Red Sox beanie as he was leaving.

Got a cool poker story to tide the site over until Tony Reagins does something?