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SICKELS: Top 20 Angels Prospects

The best Minor League Baseball analyst on Earth is my SBN colleague John Sickels, proprietor of our network's site.

John has posted his Top 20 Angels Prospect List and it is a must-peruse.

John's current Top 3:
1. Wood
2. Adenhart
3. Conger

In a recent post, Mr. Sickels gave his overall impression:
"Angels farm system is pretty decent, better than I thought. I count 40 guys worth a Grade C or higher and possibly worth writing about. Have to cut that down. Again the dilemma: do I cut the guys who are a long way from the majors but who have some upside, or do I cut the guys who are closer to the majors, don't have the upside, but who could be role players."

For you nostalgia buffs, here is John's pre-2007 Season Angels Top 20 prospects list, his 2006 Top 20 Angels prospects list, and his 2005 Top 20 Angels prospects list.

As a bonus, here is his 2005 in hindsight, the earliest mention of "Howie Kendrick" and "batting titles" by a serious analyst on record.