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Panther Tee Shirt Pre-Order

Our next Halos Heaven Tee Shirt will be getting printed on Monday. Pictures will post on Tuesday or Wednesday. The new shirt will have the word Panther printed in black letters on a Red TeeShirt (it will be a high quality, cotton tee).
The Panther Shirt will cost a flat 20 bucks($14 shirt/$6 ship-handle).

BUT, if you are such a hardcore Halos Heaven fan that you are willing to order this shirt Sight Unseen, you can have it for $12 flat if you order it thru Monday Night from cupie thru paypal: 11eric @ The shirt is available in S-M-L-XL (add $2 more for shipping n the XL shirts).

I will be replacing this thread with pics of the shirt and the $20 price and ordering info sometime after Monday, so this is your chance to take a leap of faith that you are ordering the bitchinest shirt in the history of blogs AND save $8 for being so hardcore.