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Missus Halofan Wish Come True

You gotta CLICK HERE TO BELIEVE IT ... and please note that our First Base Coach is not fighting her off, while Scot Shields hardly has my back.

Fan Fest DAY 2 Wrapup:

A torrential downpour is upon the stadium at 9 a.m., but a line waiting to get in snakes around the Big A.

No umbrellas for these two (Your Rev HF and Missus HF), so a detour from FanFest is needed (actually, demanded by a soaking Missus HF).

AM.PM on Katella/State College: No umbrella
Chevron three blocks up: No umbrella.
Small grocery store “The Satellite”: umbrellas, $2.99 each.
I buy 2

9:45: Rain is lighter, autograph lines surge. Kids rides not running

Line for photographs is shorter. We get a few of these over the course of two hours. I won’t say which players, but as with many, many guys in their mid-late 20s on a Sunday morning, the well-scrubbed appearance barely masks the downtrodden hungover remnants of a Saturday night out with the co-workers..

Highlight of Day 2 (besides Missus Halofan sitting on Alfredo Griffin’s lap for a photo) is acquiring a Vladimir Guerrero street banner. Time to redecorate around here.

Best Picture I Took All Weekend:

Garret Anderson smiles, February 10, 2007, Anaheim California.