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New Alternate Jerseys

The Angels will have a fourth style of their jersey this season.

This is not a rumor, yours truly saw them myself with my own four Reverend eyes at an OC MLB mall store.

The home white and road gray is unchanged, and the sleeveless home alternate remains, but a red home alternate jersey will debut this season.

The uniform looks the same save for being red instead of white or gray, however, MLB has yet to release any pictures, so I do not know if the name and numbers on the back will be red, white, black or navy.

As I did not examine every nook and thread of the new threads, I do not know if the thread coloring on the highlights of the front lettering was changed from red and silver to white and black or if it remains the same.

The MLB store at the Westfield Plaza in OC just south of The Block has this new jersey available customized (Guerrero 27 and Weaver 36), but they are replica, not authentic, so the lettering on the back is not accurate relative to the jerseys that will be worn on the field.

UPDATE: thanks to links in the "comments" here we see that the embroidered letters are the same - the silver highlights are all there.