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Aches and Pains

Current Injury Severity
Scale of 1 - 10

Kendry's knee: 0.5
Frankie's hammy: 1.5
Kelvim's knee: 2
Jered Weaver's bicep: 2
Bartolo Colon's shoulder: 6
Juan Rivera's leg: 8.5

Bottom line is that the Fishwrap writers have to find some stories, so the little dings and bruises become spilled ink in Spring, but would go unreported in midseason. This is what the vaunted access to MLB's inner sanctum gets print reporters - an interview with an owie.

The solemn tone surrounding Juan Rivera's broken leg, however, moves it up the scale to "Career Threatening" although a diagnosis in two weeks is likely to be made semi-public in the rose-colored sense of press conferences.