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Advice on Selling Season Tickets for Top Dollar

Everyone who owns a season seat package has different ways of affording to do so.

Here is the most successful way I ever did it:
I sell ten games as a package - all on the same day of the week throughout the season - the three days of the weekend...
10 Friday Games, 10 Saturdays, 10 Sundays - each package on eBay.

You make at least double the face value for the Fridays and Saturdays and receive an improvement over face value for the Sunday games.

BINGO! Half the season is paid for and you still have Three Friday Games, Three Saturdays and Three Sunday games to go to, plus more than half of the other games of the season! If you stagger the weekend selections, you can end up seeing at least one game with each weekend opponent while making a nice return toward repaying some of your investment! (although it helps to include the Dodgers in each 10-game package in order to attract top Dollar)

And we still have not even yet touched those valuable Red Sox or Yankee tickets (this season each team arrives for a three game Mo/Tu/Wed series in August). Sell those individual game tix three weeks before the teams arrive and you will get triple face for the Yanks and double face for the BoSox minimum.

I do it differently now and don't make any money at it, but if you bit off more than you could chew, once those tickets arrive, just put up a set of Fridays or Saturdays on eBay (or put them up in mid-April after the bulk of ticket packages have come and gone and the supply is lower just as the demand is getting strong) and make a little of the dough back.

This is just some successful advice after trying many ways to move some of the ticket load. And remember - traffic leaving the game is always easier on weekdays...