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It is Time to Get EXCITED About This Team

Top Ten Reasons To Be an Excited Angels Fan in 2007

  1. Easy Division
  2. The Right Weaver is Here
  3. The content on Halos Heaven can be perused by anybody and enjoyed without having to provide all sorts of personal contact information, AND YET this site is nearing our 1,000th Registered Commenter... Could it be YOU?
  4. Gary Matthews Jr. is being paid with Arte's money, not yours! *
  5. New Season Ticket Policy Favors Angel Fans instead of Yankee-lickin' Scalpers
  6. Joe Saunders would be the #2 Starter on 11 Major League Teams
  7. Jose Mota and Mark Gubicza
  8. Bill Stoneman has Assembled the Best Bullpen in Baseball
  9. Vlad.
  10. Every Position Battle in 2007 is a Guaranteed Upgrade over Last Season's 89 Win Team!
- - - -
* Sorry Mrs. Moreno, this does not apply to you.

UPDATE: Rob at 6-4-2 linked to an optimistic analysis of the 2007 Angels to soothe your inner-naysaying...