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Good News / Delusional News

In two paragraphs in Monday's L.A. Times, there is good news:

Manager Mike Scioscia said he would funnel Anderson and Guerrero through the DH spot on a more regular basis in hopes of preventing injuries and keeping them fresh.

In fact that might be great news. Problem is, it follows a mid-story paragraph which reads thus and delusional:

"When you have a top center fielder, a guy like Torii Hunter or Matthews, you look at him and say, 'Hey, that's nice, the other guys don't have to fly into the gaps to get everything,' " Roenicke said. "Gary covers a lot of ground and gets good jumps."

Yes, that is Angels bench coach Ron Roenicke mentioning Gary Matthews Junior in the same sentence -- THE SAME BREATH -- as Torii Hunter.