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Gary Matthews Jr. Named as Customer of Steroid Vendor

The Albany TimesUnion Fishwrap covered the lightning raid of an Orlando Florida pharmacy (by law enforcement officers too ball-less to pursue violent criminals who threaten our everyday lives) for alleged violations of federal and state prescription laws.

While the many NFL players who used its services will likely get off scott free (although an unnamed physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers is reported to have purchase $150,000 in testosterone and Human Growth Hormone), the paper blithely outed one MLB player:

The customers include Los Angeles Angels centerfielder Gary Matthews Jr., according to sources with knowledge of the investigation.

For the ordinary fan, I suppose the only solution to this is to get out that John Fogerty CD and crank up Centerfield and pull out that old notebook and log whether the tears well up before or after the lines "Rounding Third and Heading For Home"...

Hope the men in blue had fun playing cops while more kids became crack addicts today.