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It is official, Halos Heaven poster yeswecan has arrived in the city limits of Las Vegas.

He called from the taxi line at the airport to ask what route I would recommend taking to the hotel at this time of night on a Friday.

He promised updates. They will be relayed to the community.

Think good, greedy, wild and drunken thoughts for this man among men as he walks the streets of sin city (his posse is staying at a luxurious hotel) with a fresh paycheck in his pocket and a panther under his halo.

UPDATE: After a long night of gambling, our hero is only down $70 ... but that includes about $120 of free cocktails, so he is ahead Fifty bucks, a buzz and one mild hangover.

The itinerary for tonight includes a visit to see an exclusive performer and then more gambling.

UPDATE: (Saturday Night) ... Yeswecan phones to ask me for the best cab route from Fitzgeralds to Harrah's (Center of the Strip) at 6 pm on a Saturday - I recommend the bus stop one block from his hotel. It is like 2 bucks instead of the $30 for a cab in traffic.

Now he calls me to scream about how slow the bus is. I save the dude $25 and he bitches about missing Cook E. Jarr's grand entrance:

YWC: We're at Slots of Fun and people are taking forever to get on and off the bus! What were you thinking?
I was thinking about saving you thirty friggin dollars by avoiding a cabride, dude...
YWC: Yeah, how about getting me back the forty minutes of my life I spent on this bus?
RevHF: Dude, two bucks does not get you and Captain Picard beamed to Harrah's in a half-second, it is a fucking bus, look around and use the time to feel superior to every fat and ugly motherfucker who did not have a choice to take a cab...
YWC: Don't go Tony Robbins on me while I watch twenty cabs per second speed past this sardine can...

UDATE: (Sunday Night) ... Have not heard a word - perhaps he lost it all and is bumming change in the John Wayne Airport, trying to get enough coinage together to at least get his ride out of the lot