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Flyer Handed Out in Hollywood

At the Redline Station - Hollywood and Highland, a flyer handed to me reads:

Hear Pastor Tony Alamo tell it like it is in Los Angeles
KLAA - AM 830
5:00 AM - 6:00 AM Monday - Friday

Looks like Arte and Dennis Kuhl will rent their radio station to anyone with a buck...

Do they even know who the frack this guy is?
Do you? Why, he is only America's pre-eminent Anti-Catholic bigot ...
Here is a quote from a sermon of his straight off his wikipedia page:
"Did you know that the Pope and Ronald Reagan are a couple of Anti-Christ Devils and that they are selling us all down the drain?"

Ya know, I don't recall being sold down the drain, but thanks Ron and John-P for selling me down such a nice drain, hope your sale yielded you lots...

In one year, 830 AM will be the Angels flagship radio station, but don't bother tuning in just yet, there are souls to be sold, er, saved...