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Spring Opener Game Thread

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First things first - what the HELL is that thing stuck up Ervin's Right Nostril?

Anyway, this is a Game Thread.

During the regular season this is an integral, popular feature of Halos Heaven.

If you are new to the site and you thought counting down jerseys was the highlight here, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

While following the game, discuss it here in the COMMENT section.

It is not on television.

710 AM KSPN has the Dan Patrick Show listed as being on, but they are all too busy wankin' off to Kobe to know baseball is played in Cali, so listen for it there.

It might not even be on Arte's station... (I cannot even find their darn website - ever hear of google optimization, fellas?)

There IS Gameday Audio available for purchase from, and that means there has to be something free audio-wise somewhere, doesn't it?


2007 Angels Spring Training Opener
Kansas City Royals V. Los Angeles Angels

Brian Bannister (Floyd's son) Vs. Ervin Santana on a 30-pitch limit.

First pitch at 12:05 pm in Tempe, Arizona.