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What if Arte takes out the Garbage?

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Something all dramatic could happen soon.

There will be ESPN reports and lots of extra photographers and a player out of uniform not saying anything as he addresses the public to say he promises to address them soon.

But what would the effect of not having Garbageman Juicer leading off and playing Centerfield on April 2?

Options now are Figgy moves from 3B to CF and Hillebrand/Quinlan play 3rd while Morales DHs on occasion.

If Reggie Willits or Tommy Murphy are strong, Figgy stays at the hot corner, Say Hey Shea sticks to the Ron Bloomberg role and one of the Fightin' Whiteys makes the starting 9.

While Willits can be a leadoff hitter and keeps Figgins at #9, Murphy taking over in Center would force Chone's chones into the #1 position unless Scioscia is true to his vision of Howie Kendrick as a Steve Sax sort.

Howie, Cabby, Vladdy is an RBI dream of GA and ShayHilly.
Willits, Cabby, Vlad is much more of a slap and dash squad.
Figgy Cabfare, GA is boring.

We could go on and on with this ...
Channel you inner Scioscia, grab a plate of pasta and name your post-Gary Matthews Jcr. lineup now...