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Pitching Order

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Angels Rotation Shaping Up This Way:
Lackey on April 2
Santana on April 3
Escobar on April 4
Saunders on April 5
Carrasco on April 6

Career Minor Leaguer Marcus Gwyn is waiting in the wings and Dustin Moseley made Texas look lame with four innings of shutout pitching, inducing 2 double plays in the process.

Opening Day Bullpen:
Frankie closing
Shields at 8
Speier at 7
Darren Oliver 6th and situational
This leaves two spots as Resop and Seibel are choking every chance along the Spring Training way.
Chris Bootcheck might make a good long man, while Moseley or Gwyn could fill in.

Expect Colon and Weaver back in time for the late April road trip to Chicago, moving Hector Carrasco and Joe Saunders to the bullpen, although Saunders may go straight to AAA then.