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2007 Angels Season Tickets

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L-R: Cabrera, Matthews, Figgins, Weaver, Kendrick, Escobar

Guerrero, Lackey, Scioscia, Rodriguez, Anderson, Shields

Bigger Picture

Cabrera is the only defender pictured,

Matthews' helmet is airbrushed (wonder if it is two-sided for a switch hitter),

Figgins is on there as a favor to team-store operators AEG, as his merchandise sales are 2nd only to Vlad's,

Weaver is wearing his new jersey #,

Young Keyshawn, I mean Howie, cuts in line,

Escobar gets on instead of Santana as a thank-you for that hometown discount on the contract extension (or supplying his MySpace friends to the ticket sales staff)

Vlad gets the helmet tar in the picture unlike last year's ticket airbrushing

Lackey gave the Angels the hometown discount too!

Scioscia ain't going anywhere, but at 48 years old, the grey hair there looks a little too emphasized to push a softer, professorial angle. Mike Scioscia is younger than Michael Jackson, Rickey Henderson, Prince and Julio Franco.

They should've had Frankie pointing to the sky screaming just to rub it in to visiting team fans,

Garret is still making $12 million,

Shields might be the only middle reliever printed on an MLB ticket this season...