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Joe Saunders held out of Spring Start

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Angel #5 Starter Joe Saunders was held out of today's game against the Brewers to rest his tight forearm. Manager Mike Scioscia told the L.A. Times that it was minor and had it been the middle of the season the lefthander would have made the start.

The first 7 games of the season are at home with Texas and Oakland and then there is an offday, but then there is a roadtrip from hell:
* 3 games in Cleveland
* FOUR in Boston and then (with a cross-country flight instead of an off-day)...
* 2 games in Oakland.

T.S. Eliot may have been correct, April is the cruelest month...
The pitching could get thin in a hurry. Hector Carrasco will start at least three games in April. Line drive giftwrapper Dustin Moseley could take the mound, Marcus Gwyn and Steven Shell could even be in the mix. Chris Bootcheck is less of an option as it would require a 40-Man roster shuffling.

Bottom Line: The arms are dicey at the moment...