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Below or Above: Catchers

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New Game to Play... I name an Angel and predict how he will do this season.
You don't have to respond with actual numbers to win. You just post B (for Below) or A (for Above).

So I go:
Mike Napoli: 117 games, 23 HR .835 OPS

All you have to write is: Napoli: BBB if you think he will be below in all three categories,
or AAA if you think he will be above all of those categories,
or a combo like BAA or ABA, etc. in the order the categories are listed.

Those were my Napoli numbers.

Here is Jose Molina: 62 games, 7 Sacrifices, 1 Stolen Base

Jeff Mathis: 12 Games, 9 hits, 2 Doubles

Only other rule is that there is no "Same"; You cannot pick the # that I pick.

You can put in your own thoughts about what the numbers will be, but you are only graded on your A and your B. You have ten days to post a comment until the comments are turned off. I will be doing this for as many Angels as I can think of. At the end of the season I willl tabulate these and the winner will get to go to an ALCS game with me provided the Angels make it and that I buy playoff tickets.