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Bullpen picture clearing up

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Sure Frankie, Shields, Speier and Oliver were certainties, but with Phil Seibel's demotion to Triple A on Sunday, the last two spots appear to be going to Dustin Moseley and either Chris Resop or Greg Jones, as anyone else (Bootcheck, Hensley) would necessitate a shuffle on the 40-man roster.

If Hector Carrasco moves from the rotation to the bullpen at the anticipated mid-April debut of Jered Weaver, it is likely that Line-Drive Moseley would stay up as the mop. But would an effective Bartolo Colon comeback send Joe Saunders to AAA Salt Lake or to the bullpen? Probably the former, meaning the possibility of a season in the back-end of the bigs, far from the dustbin, for Dustin.