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Please Lie to Us, Gary Matthews Jr.

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Five Lies Gary Matthews Jr. Can Deliver Soon, Any of Which I am Willing to Believe, at Least Until More Allegations Come Out or He Starts to Really Suck.

  1. I never used any questionable substance. I was, however, receiving the HgH for a 2004 teammate and I will not compromise that relationship at this time.
  2. I was using this substance specifically because it was not banned at the time, and I was confused as to its legality - I thought I just needed a prescription, you know, like viagra. Once it was banned, I stopped taking it and devoted myself to a new workout schedule.
  3. I received some of this on the advice of a teammate. I tried it and did not like it. See, Mike Scioscia is right, I "figured it out"... I wish it had been on the banned substances list ... It did me no good as my 2004 stats will attest.
  4. Since these substances were not banned in 2004, my assumption was that they were akin to Creatine, just with a few more legal hurdles. Once I realized this was a different thing altogether, I flushed them down the toilet and have not looked back since.
  5. I have been injecting vitamins for years now. It may seem out of the ordinary but for an athlete, vitamin injection is an efficient way to maintain a high level of preparedness for the grind. It is not illegal to inject vitamins. I was under the assumption the HgH was more of a vitamin than a synthetic substance. I mistakenly assumed that the prescription was a mere formality. Once I realized what the heck this stuff was, I took the wise route and stopped taking it altogether.