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Using my season seat ID, which allowed me to shop for single game tickets presale before the general public, I decided to pick two of the lamest games - opponent wise - that the Angels will play this season.

A midweek day game in April against Texas and a Monday Night game against Tamap Bay in September were my targets - what exactly were the "Best Available" Tickets to these games?

For Both Games: Section 134, Row H ... which is past the foulpole, has about 80 percent of the outfield view obstructed, costs $29 frickin' dollars apiece and probably sucks in about twleve other ways.

When shopping for Angel tickets online, the "Best Available" option actually means "highest price".

At Angel Stadium you want to avoid any SECTION whose MIDDLE number (of the three digit section numbers) is:
(with the exceptions of 107-109 and 236-239),
unless you are on the CLUB Level in which case you avoid middle numbers Zero and FOUR.
You also want to avoid section 540 for fear of nosebleeds.