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Hot A-Rod to Angels Trade Info

The LA Times and Riverside Press Enterprise are both reporting that Jered Weaver will start the season on the disabled list, but it will be a short stay.

Weaver is penciled in for his turn in the rotation on April 12. His April 6th start will be taken by Dustin Moseley.

After reheating the A-Rod to LAA rumor mill yesterday, what is shocking is that neither outlet is putting 2 and 2 together:
Moseley is getting the start over Carrasco as part of an audition for a trade to the Yankees. Stoneman and Cashman have reportedly agreed on a three-tier wait-and-see:

1. Audition Moseley

2. See if the boo-birds flock on A-Rod and how Boras then responds to a trade proposal (as Rodriguez can ultimately veto it)

3. Assuage Boras by adding Jered Weaver to the deal, as WTY in Yankee Stadium = Visions of future big bucks to tempt Scott B.

4. Yankees get Weaver, Moseley and Jose Molina for A-Rod.